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Essie 2 Step Nail Polish • Designing • Designer • पार्लर

Nail Polish • Designing • Designer • Essie पार्लर

Essie Jain

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Pro Tips for Nail Polish Colors Creative Designs

Essie 2 step Jaadui Nail Polish tips |  How to Dry Nails Fast In 3 Quick Steps

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Nail Polish

We’ve all been there: You paint. You blow. You wait. You reach for your phone and you went in too soon. Suddenly you’re left with a mangled index nail that you now have to re-paint and re-dry and re-waste your time. Why doesn’t nail polish dry faster? 

We even reached out to a manicurist, who told us it actually takes up to two days to set. Two. Whole. Days. So that explains why your thread Essie 2 step Nail Polish count always ends up imprinted on your new nail art design. Well, we have a pretty easy trick for how to dry nails fast to cut your drying time in half. The best part? All you need is bowl of cool water. Here’s the breakdown. 

Essie 2 step Nail Polish tips for Nail Polish Colors & Designs

How to dry nails fast: (For trending Nail Polish Colours & Nail Polish Design) 

Step 1 - Prepare: 

Fill any size bowl with cool water and some ice cubes (not freezing—hello, frostbite—but slightly chilly).

Step 2 - Paint:

Choose your colour (might we recommend one of these guys?) and paint your nails. Then let them air dry for one or two minutes.

Step 3 - Dip: 

Dunk your fingers in the bowl of cold water for two to three minutes. When you remove them, you’ll notice beads of water on top of the polish, meaning it’s all done. This is because the shock of the cold temperature will instantly firm up the polish. Magic right?

Now Essie 2 step Nail Polish stare at your nails in amazement. You’re good to go. Now go enjoy those 15 extra minutes (or 2 days?) we just saved your time. 

A fine line for Essie 2 step Nail Polish

“A lot of people are looking for something unique for their holiday nail art design, not typical glitter Ombre or traditional gold and silver,” says Toronto-based nail artist Naomi Misu. For a fresh take on the classic festive time, opt for icy hues (like the cool lavender and glittery magenta polishes) and a amazing nail art design you can easily achieve at home by  this amazing Essie 2 step Nail Polish Tips.

4 step Tips for Nail Polish Colors & Designs

Amazing Tips for Nail Polish Colours | Nail Polish Design | Design of Nail Polish | Designs Nail Polish | Design for Nail Polish | Nail Polish for Design | Designs With Nail Polish

Step -1: Apply two coats of base colour and let dry completely. Nails need to be tack-free, says Misu(Nail Art Designer). For best results, she recommends opting for a fast-drying formula.

Step - 2: Use tape to create a diagonal guideline, covering the part of each nail that’s closest to the thumb. Placing the glitter polish on the outer half of the nail makes for an easier application.

Step - 3: Apply the glitter nail polish, starting with one coat. Paint it on until you achieve your desired opacity, letting it dry between each coat.

Step - 4: Gently remove the tape and let the polish dry completely. Seal the deal with a high-shine topcoat.

Pro tip: Pick a solid shade and a glittery accent with similar undertones to nail the look.

Spot on

“Playful designs like this are trending for the holiday season,” says Rita Remark, Essie’s global lead educator. For Essie 2 step Nail Polish fun design that’s easy to learn at home. Remark loves to work with black and nail white polishes as they pop on any skin tone, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours. “If black and white is too stark for you, choose softer shades, like black and navy, or white and grey,” she says. Or, go classic with holiday-inspired hues, like red and green.

Step - 1: Choose two polishes, painting nails in alternating shades. (You can also alternate shades at random for a more whimsical feel.) Apply as many coats as needed to achieve opacity, letting the polish dry completely.

Step - 2: Decorate nails with dots using the opposite shade of your base coat. Use a double-ended dotting tool dipped in the contrasting shade of polish, alternating the the size of the dots. The ends of your dotting tool will likely be of different sizes, but for more variety, you can also use household items like bobby pins and toothpicks.

Step - 3: Finish with clear topcoat for enhanced shine and protection.

Pro tip: No professional tool on hand? No problem. “If you don’t have a dotting tool, use a bobby pin and the tip of a makeup brush handle to create dots,” suggests Remark.

Pro Tips for Nail Polish Colours | Nail Polish Design | Design of Nail Polish | Designs Nail Polish | Design for Nail Polish | Nail Polish for Design | Designs With Nail Polish

Red colour nail art design - Essie 2 step Nail Polish 

“For the holiday season, I love shades of red, glitter and metallics.” says Naéda Samedy Arthur, a nail technician working out of Montreal’s must-visit Candy Nail Bar. “I love a simple red mani, but there are lots of easy ways to take your holiday nails to the next level.” Using red as a hero hue, Samedy Arthur used swirls of Essie 2 step Nail Polish and gold to create a marbled effect that works beautifully as an accent nail or can be carried across every nail. This motif allows you to unleash your creative side. “Nothing is really precise for this design so feel free to make each nail unique,” she says.

Step - 1: Apply a clear base coat. If you’re going all-in with swirls on every nail, skip ahead to step two. If you’re dabbling with accent nails, apply two coats of red polish on the nails that won’t be marbled. 

Step 2: Put a few drops of red and white colour nail polish on a palette for easy access. “You can use a piece of aluminium foil, tissue paper, soft handkerchief or any smooth surface you don’t mind staining with nail polish,” says Samedy Arthur.

Step 3: With a small nail art brush (which can be found at beauty retailers or in the craft section of the nearest store), pick up some of the red nail polish and apply a strip of colour on part of the nail. Before it dries up, use another small brush to pick up a bit of white colour nail polish and swirl it into the red. “Don’t be afraid to add more red or white colour nail polish depending on what you prefer.”

Step 4: Use a gold nail polish to paint an irregular strip along the sides of the design. To avoid nail polish overload, remove excess product from the brush first and build up lines as needed.

Step 5: Finish with clear topcoat.

Pro tip: To clean up polish on the skin around the cuticle area, soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover.

Pro Tips for Nail Polish Colors Creative Designs

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